If you’d like to contact us for information on purchasing sea glass or sea pottery, please complete the form below. (Please don’t ask for information on beach locations.)

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Good evening!

    I would like to have a request if possible.
    In Marbella I know you can find thin and flat stones in different shapes and sizes’ they almost look like slate, my niece was there and she is working on a project’ she got a bunch but ended up forgetting them in her hotel’ is that something you can get for me ?

    Let me know if there s a possibility I shan’t to surprise her and I know no one in Spain to get them for me.
    I will be awaiting for your answer

    Thank you very much



    1. Hi Louiza, what sort of quantity were you thinking of? It’s not a problem for me to collect some for you.
      Where would I be shipping them to?

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